Student Support Services

The Oakwood School offers a variety of support services for students and families who are interested.

Counseling Support

If your child finds that they are uncomfortable in a particular situation or over a period of time, they may benefit from working with our full time school counselor, Michelle Graziosi. Mrs. Graziosi is also our college counselor. She has a BS in Psychology from Shippensburg University and an MA in Clinical Psychology from East Carolina University. For more information about her services, contact her at

Academic Support

There are times when students face roadblocks to learning success.  Our professional teaching faculty are prepared to help parents and students using a variety of classroom strategies to facilitate student learning.  When more intensive services will benefit our students, Student Support Services is a resource for Oakwood teachers and families.  

For students in all grade levels who pursue tutoring, space is provided on campus for tutors to work with students during the school day. We provide parents with a list of tutors employed by current families, and billing and employment is between the tutor and family. Oakwood does not endorse or profit from these arrangements. Teachers work cooperatively with the tutors to provide feedback, and tutors in turn support the learning that takes place in the classroom.  Students may receive remediation services and/or classroom support to help them navigate the curriculum.

Should families wish to pursue a professional evaluation of potential learning challenges, we are able to provide a list of professionals/agencies.  As with the tutoring, Oakwood neither endorses nor profits from any particular agency, and teachers will work willingly with the evaluators.

Through outside providers, Oakwood provides screening for hearing, speech and language services, and occupational therapy for students in grades prekindergarten through first grade.  This is a valuable tool for parents to make sure that students are progressing appropriately in these areas.  Deficits in the areas of speech, language, and hearing can impact the foundations of learning to read, write, and spell.

For Upper School students who have accommodations, Student Services is the point of contact for helping them apply to agencies such as ACT and College Board for accommodations on standardized tests including: ACT, PSAT, SAT and AP exams. Students approved for school-based testing will work with the Student Services Coordinator to schedule and administer the exams.

Kelly Friday is the Student Support Services Coordinator. Mrs. Friday has a BS in Elementary Ed, concentration in Child Development & Family Relations from East Carolina University and a Masters of Library Science with School Media certification from ECU and a Certification in Reading K - 12. For more information about Student Support Services, contact her at

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