Athletic Program Philosophy and Policies


The Oakwood School is committed to providing competitive opportunities through interscholastic, recreational, and intramural sports programs. Through these opportunities, students are encouraged to consider athletic participation at all levels as a vital part of their personal growth and their educational experience at The Oakwood School. If a student wishes to participate on a team, there is a place for her/him. No cuts are made for any teams in keeping with the school’s stated philosophy of advocacy for interscholastic athletic participation.

The Goals for Oakwood Athletics are as follows:

  • To follow the educational philosophy and mission of the school.

  • To model a commitment and approach consistent with NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) guidelines.

  • To encourage responsible leadership, which places the highest priority on values, education, ethical conduct, fair play, and sportsmanship.

  • To provide a forum in which students can strive for excellence through competition.

  • To maximize student, parent, and faculty involvement in The Oakwood School athletics.

Good sportsmanship is a trademark of The Oakwood School. Constituents make a special effort to welcome visiting teams and their fans. Oakwood does not tolerate such actions as booing, catcalling, or vulgarities. Oakwood expects its students and parents to root hard for its players and not against the opposition or the officials. As representatives of The Oakwood School, all constituents are expected to behave in an exemplary fashion at all times.

With a no cut policy, playing time in games sometimes becomes an issue. Coaches will use their discretion to balance the following priorities:

  • Provide meaningful playing time for as many team members as possible

  • Ensure competitive outcomes

  • Guarantee student safety

As a result of adhering to the policies stated above, there are no guarantees of equal or minimum playing time for young, less experienced, and/or lesser skilled players. However, coaches will do their best to serve the range of skill levels on their teams.


Students planning to take part in interscholastic athletic competition are required to have a recently completed physical exam indicating that they are in good health and properly prepared for competitive physical activity. Please download the Health Form here.

Sports teams generally practice from 3:30 – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Changes to practice schedules will be made at the coach’s discretion in coordination with the Athletic Director.

The Athletic Department maintains the following basic requirements for all student athletes:

  • Regular school attendance is required, even after late games.

  • An athlete must attend a minimum of four (4) classes on the day of a scheduled athletic contest in order to compete in the contest.

  • Absences and/or tardies after away games will not be excused. Only the Head of School or the Assistant Head of School may make an exception.

  • Each athlete must turn in all academic assignments due the day of a game before leaving school.

  • Each athlete must check with his or her teachers to get all assignments prior to dismissal and is responsible for completing the assignments made during his or her absence.

  • Tests missed because of athletic dismissal must be made up the day the student returns or at the teachers’ convenience.

  • A test for which a student is unexpectedly present due to cancellation of a game must be taken at the scheduled time period.