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PowerSchool login for Parents !

Attention Parents of Students in the 5th – 12th grades

When you go to login to PowerSchool you will see a whole new logo and login box. This was introduced in August, 2015. Any logins created before that date will not work. If you have created a new account after August, 2015 then you should be fine for the 2016-2017 school year.

PowerSchool 9 Login

You may login using your child’s login info. If you have more than one child in grades 5-12 you now have the convenience of using a single login plus use a mobile app to check their grades and class schedules.To do this, you must create a new account. Here are the instructions how to do that. If you have any questions you may contact Fred Austin for assistance. Students in grade 4 will be gaining access to PowerSchool later in the school year. Students in grades PK-3 do not have an online gradebook at this time.

iOS 9 and Oakwood iPads

Apple has released an update to iOS 9. The most current version at this time is 9.3.2. Our recommendation is to make sure you upgrade to the latest iOS for your iPads. iOS 9.3.2 offers new enhancements that improve the efficiency and general operability of iPads. As with most technology, the older devices may not be able to take advantage of the latest advancements but still operate fine with iOS 9.3.2. This would be the case for the iPad 2. It does not mean that you have to rush out and get a new iPad. The iPad 2 will continue to work for your child’s needs while at The Oakwood School.

Which Browser Do I Use?

We have the students using at least 4 different internet browsers on their iPads, so many may not sure which browser to use for which websites. Here is a key:

Safari (browser bundled with iOS on iPad):

  • default browser used to browse the internet when plug-ins like Flash player are not needed
  • students at many levels use Safari to work in Khan Academy (khanacademy.org)
    Note: Khan Academy will NOT work in the Flash-enabled browsers!

Puffin Academy (Flash-enabled browser restricted to a set list of educational websites):

  • Pearson SuccessNet (pearsonsuccessnet.com) – textbook companion website for Interactive Science (4th – 7th grade science), World Studies (6th grade social studies), Math Course 2 (6th grade math), Math Course 3 (Prealgebra), Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pearson Health (9th grade health)
  • Pearson SuccessNet Plus (successnetplus.com) – textbook companion website for myWorld Social Studies (3rd – 5th grade social studies), myWorld Geography (4th & 5th grade social studies), and myWorld History (7th grade social studies)
  • Discovery Education (discoveryeducation.com)
  • Brainormous.com – Multiflyer multiplication game used in 4th & 5th grade math

Puffin Web Browser (Flash-enabled browser, less stable than Puffin Academy for the larger educational websites, especially the Pearson sites):

  • other interactive websites that require Flash plug-in not on the Puffin Academy approved list
  • Puffin Web Browser has a mouse/trackpad feature that will allow students to click on links as though they had a mouse rather than a touchscreen, allowing pull-down menus to work properly on a website. This feature is not helpful when browsing to teacher sites to download resources; for this purpose students should use the Browse the Web feature in GoodReader (see below).

GoodReader 4

  • Browse the Web feature is used to browse to teacher sites to download documents and resources to the iPad for student use.
    The browse the web feature requires the user to choose “follow the link” or “download linked file” at every link click. This allows the users to see pull-down menus that are normally difficult to see on iPad browsers.
  • Connect to Server feature is used to connect to the Oakwood school server to download documents and resources from teacher folders, to upload work to the teacher’s dropbox on the server (work submission), and to retrieve documents returned to students by teachers through the student’s dropbox on the server