Parent Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents,

I am looking forward to meeting with you during Parent/Teacher Conferences next week! Here is a link to the SignUp website where you can choose your preferred conference time. If you do not see a time that suits your schedule, please email me and I am happy to arrange a different conference time for you. Thanks so much!

Erin Scully

Songs we have learned in Lower School

This Day of Peace

(1st time in UNISON, 2nd time as a ROUND)

May we find peace throughout this day

May we remember that peace is the way

Oh, may we reach out,

may our differences cease

May our light shine upon this day of peace

Child of Peace (part 2)

Let me be a child of peace.

Let me join your hand in mine.

And together we will see,

A better world for you and me.

…………. a child of peace.


Where there is hatred, let me bring love

Let us be children of peace.

Where there is darkness, let me bring light

Let us be children of peace.

Let me be a child ……..Sula. Pace.


………… a better world for you and me.

…………….a child of peace…..a child of peace.

A child of peace.


The Oakwood School Song

There is a place where we belong,

Where we’re honored to do our best.

Our haven is The Oakwood School,

Standing tall above the rest.

Each day holds something new

And our friendships are ever true.

Good teachers build our futures,

Where knowledge gained is used.

Our life it winds in front of us

We cannot see its end,

But we carry with us wisdom

And the love of all our friends.

There is a place where we belong,

Where we’re honored to do our best.

Our haven is The Oakwood School,

Standing tall above the rest.





Ten Qualities that Influence Casting

We are often asked what directors look for when they cast shows.  Here is a list that might be helpful as you work to develop your performance skills, and prepare for an audition. If you need more help consider taking some tutoring services.

1.  Acting ability: A person’s theatrical “instincts”; believability as a character; versatility; willingness to try new things; and learned and developed skills that provide a broad intellectual and emotional pallet from which to draw.

2.  Vocal ability:  A person’s vocal quality, flexibility, and range.

3.  Musicality: (admittedly hard to describe) A person’s sense of ease with music in general and singing in particular; their intuition about and expressiveness through music.

4.  Dance/”physicalization”:  Dance skills, grace, and accuracy; a sense of control with the body and ability to use it in the service of a character.

5.  Preparedness:  How well presented the audition is — memorized, rehearsed, clearly thought out, and appropriate to the role/show for which a person is auditioning.

6.  Type: How “right” someone is for a given role — this is not simply a question of how someone looks but pertains more to their energy, how they hold themselves, and their all-around temperament.  (This is not a fixed thing —  it’s something one can work on expanding in themselves; some directors might see it as more fixed.)

7.  Chemistry: How the actor works or “connects” on stage with another actor or actors with whom he/she will be in relationship.

8.  Energy: A person’s energy level, focus and a willingness to invest in whatever it is he/she is doing on stage.

9.  Professionalism: promptness, preparedness, discipline, respect for directors and fellow actors; appropriate balance between confidence and humility; and an ability to collaborate with others for the good of the group.

10. Courage: Evident openness to taking direction and to taking risks, enabling an actor to venture into unknown territory and to be willing to appear foolish.