First Day of School!

Hello Everyone

I hope that you all had an amazing summer and that you are as excited as I am about starting back this year. We have a lot of different activities planned in Extended Day this year. We are going to stick to our original themes listed below:
Messy Monday
Tasty Tuesday
Wet Wednesday
Tacky Thursday
Fun Friday
Extended Day is completely nut free. We have many students with allergies to different types of nuts; therefore, in order to ensure the safety of all of our students, we will not be using and/or consuming any type of nut in our classroom. Please use caution if packing snacks for your child to have in Extended Day.

Please use the link below to submit allergy forms so we are aware of all student allergies:

Extended Day Allergy Form

Pick up time is 6pm every day. If there is an occurrence where you will be running late please make sure you contact Extended Day so we are aware of the situation. Extended Day will be open on full school half days.

Please make sure your child has a change of clothes and a towel for our water activities on Wednesday. Below is a link to a form I would like for every parent to fill out by August 31, 2017. Please fill out a different form for each child that you will have attending Extended Day. This form is very important for me to have up to date information about your child and help plan many different activities throughout the year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Extended Day Emergency Form

Yay for a new school year!!