How to behave in class

I expect you to be attentive and respectful in class, towards your work, your classmates and your instructor. You must come ready to work and contribute, with all your materials on your person and assignments completed as appropriate. Come promptly to class, sit down and have your electronic or paper note-taking materials out, ready to take down any class notes. There will be extra information available to you in class, or observations that occur to you during our discussions, and you need to be able to take these down. Class participation will form part of your grade, at your instructor’s discretion.


You should be ready and able to talk intelligently about your homework, as you might be called upon to lead a discussion on that topic.


Bring your notes and textbook to class, either in electronic or paper form. I also prefer you to bring along a laptop computer or smartphone (set on silent). In our class, these electronic resources are to be used as tools, rather than as time-wasting diversions.


If you feel that you would like further to discuss any topic in our work (beyond an informal chat around class or during morning office time), then do please email Dr. Bord to make an appointment. Scheduling yourself and arranging meetings with courtesy is an important professional skill that I would like you to practice. Of course, many matters can be addressed directly through email.