Fine Arts at The Oakwood School

The Fine Arts programs at Oakwood offer wonderful experiences that serve as a catalyst for students to explore and realize their creative potential. We have created a very intentional arts curriculum knowing that the arts are an essential and critical part of human expression and the human experience. Participation in the arts helps develop curiosity, critical and creative thinking skills, and empowers students to express their own creative vision. The rigorous learning environment challenges students to understand both the technical and aesthetic aspects of the arts and learn to communicate effectively and collaborate with others. Fine Arts activities promote growth in social skills, including self-confidence, self-control, conflict resolution, empathy, and tolerance.

Oakwood has assembled a team of teachers who are experts in their art form and continue to seek professional development opportunities whenever possible. Our teachers care deeply about their students’ success and are passionate about seeing students grow to their full potential. They engage the students with exciting classroom activities, teaching within the curriculum and beyond. Teachers have helped to provide extracurricular opportunities such as Glee Club, Beautification Club, National Art Honor Society, the Spring musical production, Variety Show, Solo Festival, All-district Band, Eastern Regional Orchestra and more! These opportunities contribute to the overall positive school environment that we are so committed to at Oakwood.

The department’s mission and goals focus on making the arts a vital, visible and integral part of the Oakwood environment and beyond. Over the past several years, Oakwood has enhanced its programs by adding a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system for the stage; dance classes for middle and upper school students; ceramics classes; new band, strings and general music classrooms; a baby grand piano and additional upright pianos for each music classroom; and the annual musical production which includes middle and upper school students. Additionally, we are excited about the recent addition of a theatre course and an AP Art History course.