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financial aid

Financing An Oakwood Education


The Oakwood School values diversity and seeks to enroll outstanding students regardless of racial, ethnic, religious, or financial backgrounds. Financial aid enables Oakwood to enroll students with promise who would not otherwise have access to an independent school education because of financial constraints. The extension of this aid makes our school more accessible and affordable, thus fostering a more diverse school community.

Oakwood's financial aid is need-based. We believe the primary financial responsibility for a child’s education rests with the parents to the full extent that they are able. Grants are based on a family’s ability to meet educational expenses, not on its willingness or unwillingness to pay. Awards are also based on funds available and the number of applicants at each grade level. Financial aid grants do not cover 100% of the cost of attendance at Oakwood. All families are expected to contribute to the cost of their student’s education.

Financial aid assists families of students in grades 6–12. Approximately 10 percent of the students at Oakwood received some amount of financial assistance. Although the School's resources do not allow us to meet all requests each year, no student should hesitate to apply for Admission because of limited financial resources. See Frequently Asked Questions for details about how decisions regarding financial aid are made.

Although admission decisions are made independently from financial aid evaluations, families should indicate interest in financial aid (to the Director of Admission or the Director of Financial Aid) as early as possible. The two processes are conducted separately but simultaneously so that, if families are offered admission, the financial aid decision can be presented at the same time.

Financial Aid Application Process and Deadlines

Families who wish to apply for financial aid must complete the following:

  • Call the Director of Financial Aid if you have not received a financial aid brochure.
  • Complete the on-line financial aid application .
  • Send completed, signed copies of the family's last two Federal Income Tax Return (including all relevant schedules) to the Director of Financial Aid at Oakwood.

Financial aid decisions will be provided along with admission decisions whenever possible. Families then have two weeks to accept their financial aid award. If they have questions about award amounts, families should be in touch immediately.

For more information about financial aid at Oakwood and links to forms, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Confidentiality Statement

School Confidentiality
Oakwood will treat as confidential all financial information provided by families. Only those people directly involved in the financial aid decision-making process will review this information. For operational purposes, members of the Admission and Business Offices will be aware of financial aid award amounts, but not the details of a family's circumstances. The identity of all students on financial aid will be held in confidence and restricted to the smallest number of people possible.

Parent Confidentiality
In return, we ask that parents not share with others the particulars of awards received. Although we apply consistent standards and policies across many families, each family's circumstances are unique. Therefore, award amounts are based on individualized analyses. False assumptions and expectations are often created when families share details of financial aid awards. Willful breaches of this confidentiality agreement may necessitate a review and potential repeal of financial aid awards.

Acknowledgement:  Substantial portions of these explanations have been borrowed (with permission) and adapted from other well-established schools' financial aid policies including Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, OR; St. Mark's School, Southborough, MA; and St. Paul's School, Concord, NH.

Financial Aid Policy 

Click here to download the financial aid policy