Middle and Upper School Exam Schedule

Mar 16, 2017

Dear Upper and Middle School Parents,
The Oakwood School’s faculty and administration are sensitive to the fact that Ramadan begins during our exam week, and any students who might be fasting for the celebration would encounter hardships while taking exams during the school day after the start of Ramadan. For any student who is fasting during these days that overlap, we would like to offer the opportunity to take the exams at 6:30am on Tuesday, May 30; Wednesday, May 31; and Thursday, June 1 for Upper and Middle School students.  Please contact Jennifer Smith or Anita Rish-Hodgkins to arrange for the alternate testing time.

Upper School exam schedule: 

Thursday, May 25:  9am Foreign Language exam
Friday, May 26:  9am  History exam
Tuesday, May 30:  9am Math exam, alternate time for students fasting 6:30am
Wednesday, May 31:  9am English exam, alternate time for students fasting 6:30am 
Thursday, June 1:  9am Science exam, alternate time for students fasting 6:30am

Upper Middle School exam schedule:

       THURS 5/25          FRI 5/26             Tues 5/30             Wed 5/31              Thurs. 6/1


GR 6       SCIENCE             SPANISH             SOC ST             ENGLISH                  MATH


GR 7        SOC ST               ENGLISH     MATH                  SCIENCE                 SPANISH