Student Life

The Oakwood School is more than a school. It is a community that seeks to develop children who will contribute to the world around them and care about making it a better place. What is experienced and learned outside of the classrooms is often just as important or more important than what our students learn in class.

The feeling of community at Oakwood is palpable, exciting, and nurturing. Because of this vibrant and supportive community in which the students live, they quickly realize they are part of something bigger than themselves, are happy to be a part of their school community, and learn ways they can make a difference at Oakwood. By feeling that they are such a significant part of Oakwood, our students feel comfortable being part of other communities as they grow. Teachers, administrators and parents have worked side-by-side to create traditions and a school culture that is rich with opportunities that develop the whole child. The Oakwood students are enriched by these wonderful experiences, learn more about themselves, and mature into responsible and respectful citizens of the world.