Why Oakwood?

The Oakwood School is the region’s premier independent school.

As an independent school, we offer the best “process” to guide our students through their formative years while focusing heavily on character development, student-focused experiences, and enriching curriculums that challenge our students and inspire their love of learning. We believe in education for the whole child and strive to nurture both the intellectual ability and curiosity of the student, as well as their personal and social growth. 

Our Accreditations:

accredited.pngWe proudly hold dual accreditation with the National Association of Independent Schools and AdvancED. We are the only independent school in the region to hold both accreditations.

 Accreditation of an institution by SAIS and Advanced Education indicates that the School meets or exceeds criteria for the assessment of institutional quality periodically applied through a peer group review process. An accredited school is one which has available the necessary resources to achieve its stated purposes through appropriate educational programs, is substantially doing so, and gives reasonable evidence that it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Institutional integrity is also addressed through accreditation.

  To learn more about these national accrediting agencies, please click below: 

We are Part of a Bigger Picture:

Our students become part of the Oakwood community from day one, and from day one we show them how to give back through participation in community service events. From our volleyball team organizing “Spike it for Life” to support cancer research to our 2nd graders hosting a pumpkin bake sale to raise funds for the Eastern NC Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, students are taught the importance of their civic responsibility to our community and world around them.

Our Competitive Drive:

merit-money-info.pngThe Oakwood School offers a first-rate athletic program, and our students are fully engaged in sports from the intramural level starting in 2nd grade through our varsity offering that cover 14 different sports. 88% of our 7th through 12th graders participated in at least one sport last year. We are now members of a school league known as the Carolina Independent Conference (CIC) that emphasizes sportsmanship and team play. Oakwood proudly displays 3 State Championship banners in our Monk Family Gymnasium.

Off the field, our students participate in a wide variety of academic and creative competitions. These competitions give students opportunities to try their academic skills against students from local and state schools.

Responsible Technology Use:

technology-infograph.pngWe believe that our integration of technology is one of Oakwood’s greatest strengths, and in 2002 we took a bold step forward to become part of a one-on-one Apple technology pilot program called “The Lighthouse Initiative.” Today, all fourth through 12th graders carry either Apple iPads or laptops for classroom use. However, responsible use of technology begins as early as Pre-K, with introduction to the lab, and iPad introduction in 2nd and 3rd grade.

The Oakwood School also has access to the eBooks Academic Collection of over 130,000 texts, ranging from introductory and classic works to college level survey and monographs across all subjects. We also belong to VisNet, an educational consortium which allows Upper School students to take courses online that are not offered at Oakwood.

 As technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace, The Oakwood School avails to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that our students and faculty are equipped with the right tools to not only learn and adapt to the new advances, but to teach responsible use.

Our Remarkable Alumni:

9of10_college.pngWhile we take tremendous pride in our process, we can’t ignore the accomplishments of our graduates. Our alumni have gone on to experience great success in both the academic and professional realms, and our college placement statistics speak volumes about the preparation our students receive at Oakwood for the next step in their lives. Oakwood students have received over $4.6 million dollars in scholarships offers and have been accepted to many of the country’s top colleges and universities.

Lower School:

The Oakwood Lower School provides your child with a safe, nurturing environment with dedicated teachers who foster character development and kindness to others, while providing an engaging curriculum that inspires curiosity, encourages creativity and a love for learning.

LS girl in class.jpgSome interesting facts about our Lower School:

  • Students move from classroom to classroom for special classes, rather than remaining in the homeroom all day. This begins in Pre-K.
  • An early foundation in S.T.E.A.M. with:
    • a focused science program that begins in Pre-K in the newly built Lower School science lab
    • technology introduction in Pre-K with iPads available for each student and laptop integration starting in 2nd grade
    • music and art classes with Lower School specific teachers and teaching spaces also starting in Pre-K
  • Beginning in Pre-K, Spanish is taught twice a week with a Lower School specific Spanish teacher and separate classroom
  • Community Service participation begins in Pre-K
  • Flexible recess time throughout the day promotes physical fitness, social skills and development of creativity
  • Frequent correspondence with parents to keep them abreast of behavioral and developmental progress, as well as happenings in the classroom
  • Lower School teacher blogs
  • Intramural sports are offered beginning in 2nd grade
  • Curriculum-supported tutoring services are offered
  • Regular morning meetings designed to promote community-building, which allows our students to learn what it is like to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  • We offer a Good Deeds club for 2nd and 3rd graders which meets weekly to help the school with various needs.
  • Our teachers offer a nurturing environment for the students while also promoting independence
  • Our teachers utilize time management strategies to make effective and efficient use of teaching time
  • Our teachers recognize that each student is an individual and view academic growth on a continuum rather than base promotion to the next grade level on specific benchmarks/grades.

Upon graduation of Lower School, our students possess qualities such as kindness and creativity. They are increasingly more empathetic and curious about the world around them and are capable of practicing discipline that prepares them for our Middle School.

Middle School:

The Oakwood Middle School cultivates your child’s growing independence with a challenging curriculum, collaborative extra-curricular opportunities to nourish their cognitive and social needs, and the development of their awareness of worldly responsibilities through community service participation.

Zander.jpgSome interesting facts about our Middle School:

  • Our teachers are certified and specialized in discrete content areas
  • Starting in 6th grade, Spanish is taught 5 days a week
  • Students have overnight curriculum-based field trips beginning in 4th grade
  • Off-Campus Education Week begins in 4th grade, with students participating in one of 10 different trip experiences to destinations such as our nation’s capital, Germany, Williamsburg, Camp Cheerio in western North Carolina, Puerto Rico and New York City.
  • Introduction to a fine arts program with 3 musical options (band, strings, chorus) and a combined fine arts musical/theater production
  • Interdisciplinary coordination across the curriculums
  • Student government begins in 4th grade
  • Middle School teacher blogs
  • Three half-day Fridays are offered to students to participate in seminars in areas such as geography, poetry, dress design, seasonal sports, author study, African drumming and cooking
  • Soccer and basketball intramural sports
  • Exposure to academic competitions in math, science, geography and spelling
  • Homework Support Club
  • Laboratory-based science class starting in 4th grade
  • One-to-one  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology program
  • Free access to outside on-site academic support and tutoring
  • Mentoring programs to build social responsibility and ease the transition from division to division
  • Our teachers are approachable and available for student support
  • Our classes focus heavily on honing strong writing and critical thinking skills, cooperative learning and vocabulary development
  • Hands-on community service initiatives continues in the Middle School
  • Special “Activity Periods” during school where students can explore a variety of topics including poetry, origami, robotics, crafts and debate.
  • Facilitates social responsibility and mentoring starting in 5th grade with H.U.G.S and B.U.D.S programs
  • Rather than homerooms, we have advisory groups which support character development
  • We consider students to be important members of their own learning experience and expect 6th and 7th grade students to meet with their teachers and parents in conferences.
  • Our school guidance counselor holds group workshops with 4th and 5th grade classes monthly.

Upon graduation of Middle School, our students have become more self-aware, responsible young adults. Their increased cognition, collaborative mindset and social maturity has acclimated them for their journey into Upper School. 

Upper School:

The Oakwood Upper School integrates an advanced curriculum with an inclusive social environment, experiential learning opportunities, and personalized guidance on decisions that will propel your teenager toward academic success, lifelong fulfillment, and a rooted investment in the world around them.

US Students study outside3.jpgSome interesting facts about our Upper School:

  • All classes are Honors level and/or Advanced Placement level coursework in Math, Science, History and English.
  • Student-directed community service programs
  • Participation in the Senior Adoption program, in which students partner with each other in order to give back to the community in which they live and study.
  • Advanced Placement courses are available beginning in sophomore year.
  • 76% of students achieved at least a score of 3 or higher on AP exams – higher than other regional independent schools’ scorings.
  • Latin and Spanish foreign language classes offered
  • Off-Campus Education Week teaches students to apply their knowledge by living their learning. While on these trips to destinations such as China, New York City, Germany, and various college campuses, students have participated in community service projects, conducted science activities, practiced language skills, and viewed first-hand other cultures and ways of life.
  • Through music, dance, and studio art classes, The Oakwood Upper School encourages students to appreciate the arts as well as to embrace participation in creative activities


Upon graduation from the Oakwood School, our seniors have transformed into purpose driven, culturally inspired individuals. They are sought after by top colleges and recognized for their innate ability to lead and inspire others. 

Oakwood School Graduates are:
  • People of Integrity who hold themselves to high standards of conduct and performance
  • Lifelong learners who use knowledge throughout their lives
  • Leaders who challenge others to invest in something greater than themselves
  • Confident individuals and risk-takers who are committed to making the world better
  • Empathetic citizens of the world who value cultural diversity
  • Disciplined, insightful, and courageous thinkers and learners